Ch 13 Forms & Multimedia in HTML Solved | Std. 7 | ICSE


Ex. 4 Define the following.

a.    Text box

We can create a text box that allows readers to enter a line of text. Textbox is normally used for entering names and addresses.

b.    Password Box

We can create a password box that allows readers to enter confidential or secret information, such as credit card number for password.

c.     Large Text Area

We can create a large text area that allows visitor to enter several lines of text. A large text area is widely used for getting comments or feedback from the visitors.

d.    Checkbox

A checkbox control allows a web page visitor to select more than one choice from a list of choices.

e.    Radio button

we can include radio buttons in a form if you want visitor to select only one of the several options.

f.      Menu

We can create a menu that offers visitors a list of options to choose from.

g.     Submit button

We can create a submit button that visitors can click to send the information they entered in your phone to your web server or your email.

h.    Reset button

We can create a reset button that visitors can click to clear the information they entered in your form.

Ex. 5 Answer in 1-2 sentences.

a.    What is the use of a form in HTML?

we can use forms to collect information from the people who visit your website. If form has input fields to remind users to enter information and limits choices.

b.    What do you mean by setting up a form?

To set up a form we need to specify the two important information i.e. method and action property of form tag.

c.     Which attribute are used to control audio and video tag?

SRC attribute is used to control audio and video tag.

d.    Which file format are supported by audio tag and video tag in HTML5?

The audio tag currently supported file formats are WAV, Mp3 and Ogg.

The video tag currently supported file formats are MP4, WebM and Ogg.

Ex. 6 Answer Briefly.

a.    Explain different input controls of a form.

A data input control can be a radio button, a checkbox, a submit button, a reset button or A selection menu. Text input control are textbox, text area and password.

b.    Define method and action properties of a form.

method property tells the form how to transfer the data to the form processor, which is your CGI script or your email address.

Action property of the form tag tells what action the form should take when the user press the submit button.

c.     How will you display entire list box on the form?

Tiger number of List Box entries as the size attribute value. This makes the list box appear as a rectangular box that display all the items in the list. If the List Box list is long, it may take up more room on the form that you want, making users scroll to view the selections. If you prefer to save room on your form, keep the list box size as 1. This creates a drop-down list.

d.    What do you mean by inserting multimedia in HTML file? Why do we need multimedia?

We are inserting multimedia in HTML file to enhance our site message, list of illustrate a product or service, or simplify entertain.

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