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Ex. 3 Define the following.

a.    Computer language

A computer language is a special language understood by the computer it consists of a set of words, symbols and codes that is used to write a computer program.

b.    Costume

We can change how a Sprite look by giving it a different costume.

c.     Scripts

Script is also known as program. The scripts is a step by step instruction given to the computer.

d.    Script area

Scripts area is a place where you make your programs in scratch by dragging the blocks from block plate and dropping them on top of each other.

e.    Blocks Palette

This area so all the blogs available to you for using your programming. Note that the blocks plate will change depending upon the current block category.

f.      Program

A program is a set of instruction given to a computer to get a particular task done.

Ex 5. Answer the following questions.

a.    What is scratch? Who invited it and when?

Scratch is a free visual programming language to create interactive stories, games and animations. It started in 2007 led by Mitchel Resnick.

b.    What are the advantages of scratch?

Advantage of scratch are following:

·       We don’t have to remember all type any commands.

·       Commands of blocks fix together like jigsaw pieces so there are strong visual hints about how we can combine them.

·       The commands are color coded and categorized.

c.     What are Sprites? What is their role in scratch?

Scratch project are made up of object called sprites. We can give instruction to a Sprite telling it to move or play music or react to other sprites.

It performs actions in scratch.

d.    Define various blocks present in scratch window.

Different blocks are described below:

Motion blocks: these blocks controls sprite placement direction rotation and moment.

Looks blocks: these blocks change the sprite and background appearance.

Sound blocks: these blocks control the playback and volume.

Pen blocks: these blocks are used to draw different color and pen sizes.

Samsung blocks: these blocks can be used to determine the location of the mouse pointer and it's distance.

Operators blocks: these blocks perform arithmetic operations rounding and logical comparisons.

Variables blocks: these blocks can be used to store data used by applications when they execute.

e.    What is the use of stop button?

We can click on the stop buttons to stop the main program.

f.      What is the use of grow and screen sharing tool in the toolbar?

Protocol is used to make Sprite bigger spring tools is used to make Sprite smaller.


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