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Ch 9 (Tables in Microsoft Access)

Ex. 4

a.    Text Data Type
This is a genera-purpose field containing any data. It has a limit of 255 characters.

b.    Memo Data Type
This type has a limit of 63999 characters; used for detailed, descriptive fields.

c.     Lookup Wizard Data Type
This type creates either a lookup list forms the data that you specify or a lookup list from the values in another table.

d.    Attachment data Type
This type works only in Access 2007 and Access 2010 database. You can attach data files form word processing programs, spreadsheets, graphic editing programs and so on.

Ex. 5

a.    What is the purpose of Datasheet view?
Datasheet view is useful when you need to create a table quickly.

b.    Name all the Data types of MS-Access
Name of Data type in MS-Access are following:
Text, Memo, Number, Data/time, Currency, Auto Number, Yes/No, OLE object, Hyperlink, Lookup Wizard, Attachment, Calculated.

c.     Name all the Field properties of database.
Field properties of database are following:
Properties Pane, General Tab, Drop-down list, Property Information, Yes/No properties.

d.    What is the use of default value in the properties?
By using default value, we can take same value making that value the default. For example, if 90% students take Kathak as dance, you can make Kathak the default value in the Dance field.

e.    Define Primary key.
A primary key is a key that differentiates the records in a file. The data stored in the key field is unique to a specific record. A primary key filed cannot be deleted in MS-Access.

Ex. 6

a.    What is the function of Design view? Explain.
Through Table Design View window, you can create whatever fields you like and select the data type of each field.

b.    What do you mean by Data type? Name various data types.
Each field has a data type that defines what you can store in it. Data entry is restricted to valid entries for the type you choose. For example, you cannot enter letters in a field set to Number. Name of various data types are Text, Memo, Lookup Wizard, Number etc.

c.     What do you understand by field properties? Explain any two of them.
Each field has a set of properties that defines and controls it. These properties include basics such as its size and format, as well as rules for entries in it.
General Tab: The general tab contains most of the properties you will work with.
Lookup Tab: The Lookup tab is primarily used for setting up lookup lists.

d.    What is a validation rule? What will happen if we do not follow it while entering data in a table?
A validation rule is used to limit a field entry to meet certain criteria. By validation Rules, you can ensure that the correct value is entered in the field. If the user makes an incorrect entry. Error alerts can stop the user, provide a warning or just provide information.


Shortcut commands to Manage Database.

Ctrl + N      Create new database

Ctrl + O      Open existing database

Alt + F4      Quit from MS-Access

Ctrl + P       Print the current or selected object

Ctrl + S       Save a database object

F12             Open the Save As dialog box

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