What is Computer Virus?

What is Computer Virus?

A computer virus is one of thousands of programs that can destroy files and data of our computer systems and perform a variety of functions ranging from annoying (e.g., popping up messages as a joke) to dangerous (e.g., deleting files or destroying your hard disk).

How Do Computer Viruses Spread?

Computer viruses usually spread in one of three ways:

    ü By removable media

    ü Downloads the files from                      Internet
    ü From e-mail attachments

 In fact, it’s nearly impossible for a virus to be transmitted by plain-text e-mail. Most viruses can only spread via attachments — either rich-text e-mail or attached applications.

Internet gets a bad rap as a source of viruses; it has a lot of fake links when someone clicking on fake links then a setup file download and when install it. Virus can enter into your computer.

If once a virus enters into our computer then it start destroys our data without our knowledge and it replicate itself one drive to another.

So we must need to be aware to protect our digital data. Otherwise any time we lost our all important information which stored into our computer.

Always keep an Antivirus in our computer system to protect our data. Before downloading any file form internet must need to scan it by an antivirus and if any virus detect any time then immediately delete that particular file from our computer.

Not only before downloading form internet if any friend send to you any file without acknowledgement then first confirm its secure or virus free then download. 

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