Type of Computer Virus

Type of Computer Virus

The working of each and every virus is different because every virus is designed by the different source code.

File Infector:
This type of virus is specially designed to irreversible damage or destroys the files which are stored in our computer system.   

Boot Sector Virus:
This virus attaches itself to the boot sector of the disk. This sector conation the startup files of the operating system. When someone start any computer then firstly load these files and this virus directly destroys these files by which we need to install again operating system.
So this operating system deletes the files of operating system.

Example of Virus:

Worm Virus:
This virus work very slow it does not attack when it enter in any computer system. But in the long run, it takes over all the resources (External devices like printer, keyboard and mouse etc.) of the computer system and eventually the computer becomes useless.

Trojan Horse:
Trojan horse virus comes as a friendly program (as a game, application, etc.) however it is very dangerous as it destroys all the data on your system. Trojan horse do not replicate themselves but they can be very destructive. The Trojan horse can be spread through a number of ways, but the common means of infection is attachment of emails.

 Spyware Virus:
Spyware virus also very dangerous virus it stole the information and send to the other network or people. For example if you are searching something on google or chatting on social media then this type of virus all records and chatting send to the other person. 

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