Router in Computer Network

Router is the basic backbone for the Internet. The main function of the router is to connect two or more than two network and forwards the packet from one network to another. A router connects multiple networks.
This means that it has multiple interfaces that each belong to a different IP network. When a router receives an IP packet on one interface, it determines which interface to use to forward the packet onto its destination. The interface that the router uses to forward the packet may be the network of the final destination of the packet (the network with the destination IP address of this packet), or it may be a network connected to another router that is used to reach the destination network.

A Router is a computer, just like any other computer including a PC. Routers have many of the same hardware and software components that are found in other computers including: 

 • RAM
• Operating System

The primary responsibility of a router is to direct packets destined for local and remote networks by: 

• Determining the best path to send packets
• Forwarding packets toward their destination 

The router uses its routing table to determine the best path to forward the packet. When the router receives a packet, it examines its destination IP address and searches for the best match with a network address in the router's routing table. The routing table also includes the interface to be used to forward the packet. Once a match is found, the router encapsulates the IP packet into the data link frame of the outgoing or exit interface, and the packet is then forwarded toward its destination.

Router are both types Wireless and Wired. For Example when we are connect our Laptop to internet via WiFi Connection then it is work with a Wireless Router. But When we are connect our Computer with internet via a Ethernet cable then it work with Wired Router. 
So, these are the best example of Wireless and Wired Router. 

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